[Users] postgres and openser 1.0.0

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 29 16:50:26 CET 2005


have you set the proper db_url param for auth_db module?


JF wrote:

>I'm trying to use postgres module with auth_db module in openser 1.0.0
>but it is faling to load usrloc module.
>I get the following error:
> 0(0) find_mod_export: <db_use_table> in module mysql not found
> 0(0) bind_dbmod: Module mysql does not export db_use_table function
> 0(0) ERROR: mod_init(): Can't bind database module
> 0(0) init_mod(): Error while initializing module usrloc
>but I'm not using mysql module!
>In config file I have:
># ------------------ module loading ----------------------------------
>#loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/mysql.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/postgres.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/sl.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/tm.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/rr.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/maxfwd.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/usrloc.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/registrar.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/textops.so"
># Uncomment this if you want digest authentication
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/auth.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/auth_db.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/xlog.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/uri.so"
>loadmodule "/usr/local/openser-1.0.0/lib/openser/modules/lcr.so"
>Why is it searching in mysql module if I'm using postgres?
>Any help appreciated.
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