[Users] Re: cpl scripts and pstn gateway authentication

Günther Starnberger gst at sysfrog.org
Tue Nov 29 15:01:03 CET 2005

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu wrote:

> I would say it's possible to do it with what we have now (based on your 
> plan)
>    1) on incoming call and in an AVP the RPID or if not present, the 
> FROM URI (as party to be billed)
>    2) run CPL
>    3) in proxy_route, remove the existent RPID hdr and add it with the 
> content from AVP.
> all the time the RPID will contain the party to be billed and the GW 
> should use this info.

Ok - tnx - i'll try to implement this and write a short howto if it 
works out.

One CPL related thing which isn't clear to me yet:
According to the Admin Guide at 
http://www.iptel.org/ser/doc/seruser/seruser.html [Open]SER is not 
call-stateful. The way that I understand this is that a BYE is (for SER) 
totally unrelated to the INVITE request.

But how does this work in combination with the CPL logic? E.g. a user is 
busy and so the incoming call gets forwarded to 'foo at bar'. How does the 
CPL engine know that the BYE packet should also be forwarded to 
'foo at bar' instead of processing the call logic from the beginning?


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