[Users] LCR gw matching

JF jfkavaka at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 13:45:01 CET 2005


Can anyone help clarify the following:
According to LCR module docs for version 1.0.0, "gateway selection is
based on caller's RPID URI (if available in caller's RPID AVP after
authentication) or From URI and user part of Request-URI (telephone
What is the RPID AVP and how is it set?

The docs also say "a gateway matches a request if user part of
Request-URI and "From" URI match the prefix and From pattern of the
But in gw table, there is no From pattern column, just prefix:
 gw_name | grp_id |  ip_addr  | port | uri_scheme | transport | prefix

Also, it would be nice if gw matching could be based also on request
method, request headers, or even arbitrary AVPs which would be set
somewhere else. What do folks think about this?



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