[Users] AVPs are lost on relayed INVITE errors

Federico Giannici giannici at neomedia.it
Sat Nov 26 16:33:45 CET 2005

Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> Hello,
> have you set the flag to log missed transaction?
> http://openser.org/docs/modules/1.0.x/acc.html#AEN407

No, I set the following:

modparam("acc", "db_flag", 1)
modparam("acc", "failed_transaction_flag", 1)

But no "db_missed_flag".

1) I don't want to log missed calls in a separate table.

2) The failed INVITEs are actually logged in the normal table, but the 
AVPs I set are not logged (it seems that they are not found).

In normal cases the AVP are correctly logged. Even in many error cases 
(404, and so on) they are logged too. But in some cases, with strange 
errors (488, 422), the AVPs are NOT logged (accounting is done, but AVPs 
are "n\a")!

Any explanation of this?


> Or is that the some avps are not any more stored for failed transaction? 
> Maybe some snippets of your config will give us more hints about what 
> happens there.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> On 11/26/05 14:04, Federico Giannici wrote:
>> I'm using OpenSER 1.0.0 on OpenBSD 3.7 amd64.
>> I have a strange problem with the accounting: I set a couple of AVPs 
>> for every message that arrives at the server. I'm sure they are there 
>> because they are written in the syslog logging. Sometimes, when an 
>> INVITE is relayed (with transactions) and receives an error (488, 422, 
>> etc.), in the SQL logging there is no more presence of the AVPs!
>> Is this a known problem?
>> How can I avoid this?
>> Thanks.

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