[Users] Remote PSTN gateway

Christoffer Soop lists at soop.org
Fri Nov 25 23:50:38 CET 2005

Hi there!

I would like to implement the following scenario using OpenSER:

- when a SIP client sends a request consisting of only a simple phone
number (on the form +CC-AAA-NNNNNN, with or without plus sign, hyphens,
possible spaces etc where C, A and N are simple numbers) OpenSER should
route the request to another, remote SIP-proxy acting as a PSTN gateway.

- either the same credentials should be used or preferebly credentials
dependent on the domain name of the callee for all requests to the

- after the session with the remote proxy has been set up OpenSER either
works as proxy between the client and the remote proxy, or better
transfers the session to the client

- all requests for a client not on the form of a phone number (i.e. with
a fully qualified domain name should be routed to the correct location
as decided by SRV-records etc.

Is this possible?  Any hints on how to accomplish this?



PS/Please note that I am new to OpenSER, SIP and SIP terminology...

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