[Users] Prevent bandwidth lost

Christophe Irles christophe.irles at rightvision.com
Fri Nov 25 15:16:54 CET 2005


I'm wondering how to prevent bandwitdh lost with (open)SER+MediaProxy in
this type of network configuration:
UA0 --- [(open)SER+MediaProxy] --- [ Internet ] --- [ FW/NAT ] --- [UA1,

UA1, UA2 are one the same network and they are registered in the (open)SER

If UA1 call UA2 with default media proxy configuration, the RTP flow will
not be direct between this two UA. So I lost twice bandwith (from SER to UA1
and SER to UA2).

How can i prevent this ? On the REGISTRAR process, I think I could store the
public IP used by UA1 and UA2 and the two private IP of this UA. Since they
have the same public IP but a different private IP, on the INVITE procces I
suppose it's could be possible to indicate that RTP flow can be direct
between this two devices, no ? Now which tools (modules) could be used to
resolve this ?


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