[Users] Dispatcher module - Does it actually work?

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Fri Nov 25 01:24:55 CET 2005

Douglas Garstang wrote:
> Andy, no. No one has suggested using the lcr module, and I wasn't even aware of it until you mentioned it just now. I took a look at the module docs, they're way beyond my current understanding. it. I'll have to do some reading. Does it allow you to try another route when one is not responding?

Yes. You have to define a set of destinations which you can load in the
script using load_gws(), and every call to next_gw() sets the ip/port of
another destination as ruri, until no more destinations are available.

You can find an example here:


It's for a lcr-version which I have extended a little to be able to
group destinations according to their capabilities
(http://linguin.org/ser.php#lcr-cap), but you should at least get the
idea on how to do it with the vanilla lcr module (just leave out the
argument in load_gws()).


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