[Users] Dispatcher module - Does it actually work?

Andreas Granig andreas.granig at inode.info
Thu Nov 24 22:25:31 CET 2005

Douglas Garstang wrote:
> Hashing over call-id may work to some degree, and I'll investigate it more, but hashing over the From: means that the same caller will always get the same Asterisk box, and your redundancy goes down the toilet.
> Actually I guess it's down the toilet anyway. The bottom line seems to be that it doesn't matter whether you use the dispatcher or SRV records to distribute load, OpenSER will never try to connect to anything else on failure and at least for us, that makes it use in a production system, not an option.

I didn't follow the whole thread, so maybe this has been suggested
before, but have you ever thought about using the lcr module for load
balancing? In combination with failure routes for failover this works
very well for me.


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