[Users] table version error

Raymond Chen rchen at broadz.com
Wed Nov 23 13:48:24 CET 2005

Dear all,


Start the CVS HEAD in debug mode gave me this error,   and idea?


0(0) table_version(): No row for table re_grp found

 0(0) ERROR:group:mod_init: Invalid table version for re_grp (use
ser_mysql.sh reinstall)

 0(0) init_mod(): Error while initializing module group

ERROR: error while initializing modules

 0(0) XLOG: destroy module ...

 0(0) pool_remove: Removing connection from the pool

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : start

 0(0) DEBUG: unlink_timer_lists : emptying DELETE list

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : emptying hash table

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : releasing timers

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : removing semaphores

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : destroying tmcb lists

 0(0) DEBUG: tm_shutdown : done



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