[Users] Re: [Serusers] Re: Cesc ask for expelling Harry

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 23 13:02:15 CET 2005

> This is all about reducing the time spent on
> non-productive things. I 
> stopped responding to or reading Harry's posts after
> he in a personal email 
> was less than diplomatic (after I had tried to help
> him). 

I agree you however please to refresh my memory when
you say "after I had tried to help him" .
Do you advice me how i could solve my question. 

He says his 
> English is bad, but at least he masters the swearing
> of the vocabulary.

Some people told me my english is poor I agree .

> what's wrong with using your email client to filter
> him? If others feel it's 
> worth spending time on reading his emails, they are
> welcome. If we loose 
> contributors to the list because they get tired of
> users like Harry, Harry 
> should go instead.
> Apply this rule after the message arrives
> Where the From line contains 'gaillacharry at yahoo.fr'
>     and Where the To line contains
> 'gaillacharry at yahoo.fr'
> Delete it
> g-(

why such an amount of hatred ?



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