[Users] STUN still mandatory ?

Christophe Irles christophe.irles at rightvision.com
Tue Nov 22 15:36:15 CET 2005


Is the use of a STUN server or any other solution of this type (another
daemon) still mandatory to solve NAT problem since I have set up correctly
a media proxy and the netHelper module in my configuration file ? If it's
not the case which type of configuration is out of the scope if my server is
in this configuration ?

For example for this network configuration, is a STUN server with UA
compatible mandatory ?
UA1 --- [openSER+MediaProxy+FW wiht NAT] --- [ Internet ] --- [ FW/NAT ] ---

If it the case, which module(s) must be used with openSER and which STUN
server (open source/free) can be used ?

I already tested that this network configuration is working without any STUN
UA1 --- [openSER+MediaProxy+FW wiht NAT] --- [Internet] ---  [FW] ---
UA2(softphone on PC with direct access on internet)


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