[Users] outbound sip proxy

harry gaillac gaillacharry at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 22 10:46:12 CET 2005


Here is my config :

Asterisk as registrar server :public ip:5050
Ser as outbound proxy server :public ip 5060 

I wish ser to handle the packets between Nat box
(netfilter) and  Asterisk However contact field  in
the sip HF don't change from nat box to asterisk which
don't allow to keep the sessions via SER .

Ser receive packets with private ip in contact field
which one is forward to asterisk .

How ser can handle the contact field to establish sip
sessions between sip agents and asterisk ? 

I've been trying mangle and textops modules but i
really need to be adviced.


              One box
     |  ----------------       |
     |  | asterisk pbx |       | 
     |  ----------------       |
     |        ||               |
     |  ----------    ----------
     |  |   SER  |====|NAT box |==== private network
     |  ----------    ----------



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