[Users] OAM monitoring of OpenSER? (via SNMP?)

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 22 10:14:41 CET 2005


there is some code for TM statistics - the fifo command "t_stats". There 
other additional code in the core about general statistics (received 
replies and received requests) but is not reviewed and it doesn't 
compile at all :( - it's on the TODO list.

also there is the the fifo command "meminfo" for mem statistics.


dhsueh at somanetworks.com wrote:

>Does anyone know of a module or other code for OpenSER that collects and
>provides OAM monitoring information on the state of the server?  The end
>goal would be to monitor the process via SNMP.
>Any information-gathering support will be of assistance.  Ideally, I'd
>like to see information like that specified in the IETF draft SIP MIBs
>available for collection/retrieval.
>Thank you!

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