[Users] Regular Expression based groups

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Mon Nov 21 19:19:06 CET 2005


I just committed a new group feature: so far we have group support with 
fixed matching: user X belongs to group G; the new regexp support allows 
you to fetch all the groups for which the user matched a RE (if the URI 
match the Re, means the belongs that group).
See http://www.openser.org/docs/modules/1.1.x/group.html

Application example:

imagine you have routing point between several termination points 
(gateways, media servers, application servers, etc) and you have large 
blocks of numbers/users (K or 10K order).

you know that certain range of users must be routed to specific 
destinations. So use RE based groups to define the range of users -> 
flexible and scalable routing and simple to provision.


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