[Users] Voicemail Failure Routes

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Mon Nov 21 11:09:49 CET 2005

Hi Daryl,

both support SRV lookup, but non implements serial forking based on it. 
The simples way will be use failure route (several levels) to achieve 
redundancy. Maybe this will help you:


Daryl Sanders wrote:

>What is best way to make SER/OpenSER route to a different feature
>server if the first one doesn't respond? Should this be done with an
>additional failure route? Can either SER or OpenSER do SRV queries?
>I am basically trying to get a little extra redundancy in place for my
>VM server. They will be replicating between each other, but if one
>goes down I need to make sure SER can still forward calls to a VM
>server that is still alive.
>My current ser.cfg is based off of the onsip call-forwarding config.
>- Daryl
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