[Users] exec_dset and added HF

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Fri Nov 18 17:45:54 CET 2005


On 11/18/05 14:04, Medve Istvan wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to add some extra header fields with avp_pushto into the 
> received SIP message before I call exec_dset. My tests show that added 
> header fields cannot read from environment variables. Shortly I would 
> like to use an external script to manipulate ruri based on AVPs 
> received from radius (eg. rpid).
the changes applied to the sip message are not visible until the message 
is sent out. They are kept as a diff list inside. All the processing is 
done on the initial message, with several exceptions (e.g: contact 
address for natted messages).

In the roadmap of adding pseudo-variables support to more modules, the 
exec_dset() parameter will be able to include pseudo-variables which 
will be replaced before executing the command (external script). In this 
way, you can pass some dynamic arguments to the script. The syntax will 
look like (note: is not valid now):

exec_dset("process_sip_message.sh $avp(rpid)");

> Can I do this without sql or radius request from external script ?
> regards,
> imedve
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