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Darren Nay dnay at ionosphere.net
Tue Nov 15 16:05:30 CET 2005

Hey all,


I have a question regarding usrloc.  I have run into a problem..


We have static routes sent to an asterisk server for all of our SIP
usernames.  In addition our IAD's will register with the same username, so
that calls coming into our switch for that username will be routed to both
the asterisk box and the SIP IAD.  This way, whichever endpoint (IAD or
asterisk) answers the call first will take the call.


For example.  


root:/ # serctl ul show +18646404810

<sip:+18646404810 at>;q=1;expires=-1012151

<sip:+18646404810 at>;q=;expires=403 is the asterisk server.  This is a static route added by
serctl. is my IAD which registers with the switch every 10 minutes.

So when calls are made to (864) 640-4810 then SER will send an INVITE to
both location.


I explained all of this just to explain now what my problem is, and ask if
anyone may know a possible solution.


Now, we also use asterisk to perform call fwd'ing functions.  Asterisk will
answer the call and then originate another call out back to SER to a new
location.  Now the problem! (finally!)  This call fwd'ing method works very
well in most cases, except that if the call fwd'ing is being sent to another
location registered with SER then it will be redirected back to asterisk
again, albeit to a different URI, and asterisk will kill the call because it
thinks that it has looped (which I guess it has. sort of).


So, I'm wondering if there is possibly a way to retrieve only the usrloc
locations that don't contain the IP address in the contact URI?
This way I can just check if the src_ip is and if so then
retrieve all the usrloc locations - without asterisk - and the call will not
be redirected back to asterisk.


Is this possible?  Or if anyone has any other ideas that may help then I am
definitely open to suggestions.  


Thanks for your help!!


Darren Nay

Ionosphere, Inc

VoIP Network Development

dnay at ionosphere.net


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