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Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Mon Nov 14 15:26:47 CET 2005


On 11/14/05 08:18, Taras Bendik wrote:
> Hi
> Im using avp_write("sip:123456 at", "i:100");
> avp_pushto("$ruri","i:100");
> t_relay();
> And this is sended to like :
> INVITE sip:123456 at SIP/2.0
> And this works fine.
> However can I make it some how to generate message like this :
> INVITE sip:123456 SIP/2.0 ???
this is an invalid SIP uri, you need a domain part in uri. If I am not 
wrong, the form you proposed looks more like a TEL uri, but must be 
prefixed with "tel:" instead of "sip:" (I do not know the full grammar 
of tel uri to be more precise). Now, there is no support for "tel" uri 
in openser, but there is some interest on it, and in the future it will 
be there. I cannot say when, although.

> Or in this case I need to use :
> avp_write("sip:123456", "i:100");
> avp_pushto("$ruri","i:100");
> t_relay_to_udp("","4321");
> Regards,
> Taras
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