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Jayesh Nambiar voip_freak at yahoo.co.in
Fri Nov 11 19:44:19 CET 2005

hi everyone,
In my configuration, I trust some source ips and if call comes from these src ips, without any authentication they are t_relayed to a gateway ip address for pstn termination.
Is there any potential problems by trusting some clients by src_ips, I do so as I dont want them to login from anywhere else.
I also wanted to know that if I do not get reply from a particular gateway, can I forward them to another gateway. I dont want to use LCR for this. I thought of using failure route, but the call does not fail it keeps on sending invite. 
What I wanted to do is, if I dont get a reply within 5 seconds, it will try the next t_relay_to_udp statement.
the logic goes something like this:
if(allow_trusted()) {
        if(uri=="sip:011...") {
              t_relay_to_udp("to a pstn gateway");
               # if no reply for 5 seconds
              t_relay_to_udp("to another gateway)
can somebody pls help on this. I am currently using 0.9.5 and will soon be upgrading to 1.0.0.
Thanks a lot in advance

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