[Users] OpenSer as a UA?

Chris Hastie chris at oak-wood.co.uk
Fri Nov 11 13:59:14 CET 2005


I'm struggling to understand how all the bits of a VOIP system fit together and
whether OpenSer can act as a UA and authenticate to a remote proxy.

What I want to achieve is this. Incoming SIP calls are first routed to a SIP
phone on the network. If this is unavailable, the call is then redirected to
another proxy of a voip service provider with whom I have an accout, whence it
should be routed to my mobile phone. I guess I can rewrite the call URI to
mymobilenumber at proxy.voipprovider.tld, but I will need to authenticate to the
proxy to authorise the call and have it charged to me.

Can I do this with SER, or do I need something else (Asterix?) for this sort of

Chris Hastie

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