[Users] FQDN in record route

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Thu Nov 10 13:30:09 CET 2005

Hi Ranveer,

seams that the module parameter "add_username" is not checked by 
record_route_strict(), as it is in  record_route().
I think the param should affect all record_route*() function. I will 
submit a ticket on the tracker about this.


ranveer kunal wrote:

>Hi folks,
>           I want my record route to be FQDN(domain name) instead of
>ip address, so i tried using  record_route_preset("mysip.test"). now
>my problem is when i do this it also appends my name rkunal at mysip.test
>to the record route field. Is there any way of configuring openser to
>send FQDN in record route instead of ip address and I don't want
>username there.
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