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Ferianto monster ferianto_monster at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 9 13:58:00 CET 2005

I am a college student in Polithecnic Caltex of Riau in Indonesia. I am in the third years now. In my last project, I want to build the VOIP with TLS system at my college because i think it is interesting. I have studied about it since one month , but i get many problems to undestand about the system. Here is some obstacles questions about the system that i have met:
1. How can the attacker eavesdrop the communication in VoIP (The way)?
2. How can TLS prevent the attacker to eavesdrop the communication?
3. How can TLS ensure the confidentially and integrity of communication? Why we don`t user other secure protocol?
4.Do all TLS` clients use Linux Operating System or they can use Windows?
5. How secure TLS to protect the communication?
That is all the obstacles questions that i have met. I do hope any body can help me to answer those question. Please help me. Thank you very much.
                                                                                                                      Sincerely yours,

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