[Users] Help with NATHelper module and fix_nated_contact() function

Anthony Chapellier anthony at mbdsys.com
Tue Nov 8 13:11:38 CET 2005


NatHelper documentation says fix_nated_contact is rewriting contact 
header with request source address:port but it seems the function 
doesn't work properly with my SER config...

Indeed, when you analyze a SIP Request Packet you have the following :

Message Header :
Contact : <sip:352621 at>        # is 
the private IP/Port

and if this function was working properly, I understand you should get 
the following :

Message Header :
Contact: <sip:352621 at>      # is the 
public IP/Port

But the SIP packets that are getting out from SER Proxy to SIP Registrar 
Server have not their contact header field modified with public IP/Port...

So, is the function not working ? or something else ?


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