[Users] TLS / SRTP implementation

Christophe Irles christophe.irles at rightvision.com
Tue Nov 8 17:30:14 CET 2005


I'm a newbie in OpenSER usage and in SIP in general so perhaps it's very
simple questions.

I understand that TLS can be activated/disactivated from the configuration
file but can not be used only according SIP number for example or call
streams(internet), that's right ?

What about SRTP ? In order to have SRTP working, I think I "just" need
device phone/softphone with this feature. It's not dependant of the OpenSER
configuration, is it ? Is it possible to force the use of SRTP when it's
possible ? For this, perhaps, I need to configure "mediaproxy" or "rtpproxy"
module or something else ( mediaproxy daemon for example) ?


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