[Users] Are pseudo variables supported in replace()?

Federico Giannici giannici at neomedia.it
Sat Nov 5 19:52:06 CET 2005

Federico Giannici wrote:
> Are pseudo variables sopposed to work in replace() function?
> The pseudo variables documentation web page says that they are supported 
> only by avpops and xlog, but the OpenSER 1.0.0 announcement web page 
> says that they are supported by textops too...
> Who is right?

Looking at the examples I found that AVPs usage is supported at least on 
the "replacement" string of subst(), but it appears to me that it isn't 
supported in the regular expression.

So, how can I make a regular expression with variable content?
Something like the following:

subst( "/^Proxy-Authorization:.*realm=\"$avp(s:realm)\".*\n//i" );


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