[Users] roadmap to v1.1.0

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Sat Nov 5 13:29:47 CET 2005


there is one more thing.  

long time ago i added to ser parsing of Allow header and methods contact
parameter.  the idea was that if register request has methods contact
parameter for a contact or Allow header for the request (the former
takes precedence), new location/methods column of type unsigned int
would be set accordingly.  then it would be possible to select if it
makes sense to send a request (such as SUBSCRIBE or REFER) to a
particular contact or not.

the plan was that jan would write the location related part of this
code, but it was forgotten and never happened.  i still think that it
would be useful to have this functionality and it would not be a big
deal to add this to ul module.  i would, however, prefer that someone
more familiar with ul module would do it in order to avoid making

so perhaps daniel could add this one to the list too.

-- juha

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