[Users] Mediaproxy Clarification

Daryl Sanders daryl.sanders at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 23:43:04 CET 2005

I would really appreciate any feedback or clarification on my
understanding of Mediaproxy.

It appears that Mediaproxy can be setup in such a way to allow load
balancing based on domain. This seems to be the only native mechanism
for getting any sort of pseudo geo-location out of it. My
understanding is as follows...

My users ATAs will query DNS which will direct them to a SIP proxy
based on my SRV records. The SIP proxy (SER) machines will be running
proxydispatcher.py and have the required mediaproxy module loaded. In
addition, the SER machines may also have mediaproxy.py running
locally, or mediaproxy.py may be on separate machines altogether.

When a request for routing comes into the SIP proxy it is determined
then if rtp proxying is necessary based on source IP. If rtp proxying
is required, proxydispatcher.py send a DNS query to locate a suitable
mediaproxy server. This is where SRV is used to decide (based on
domain) which mediaproxy server is to be used. Given this, a separate
domain would need to be setup for each geographic region that is be
served by one or more mediaproxy servers. Then these domains are
published to SRV to facilitate the lookups performed by each
proxydispatcher.py instance.

Please let me know if I'm understanding all of this correctly.

- Daryl

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