[Users] problem with uac_replace_from

Federico Giannici giannici at neomedia.it
Thu Nov 3 18:33:04 CET 2005

Elena Ramona Modroiu wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 12:35:22AM +0100, Federico Giannici wrote:
>>As we are at it, it seems to me that the display info is used only in 
>>the initial INVITE. The subsequent messages have the uri changed but not 
>>the display info. Perhaps because they don't pass by uac_replace_from() 
>>(because are loose-routed)?
> yes, this hides the identity for invite, for full privacy (for network
> watchers) display has to be changed in subsequent requests, or at least
> to be deleted, too. Now the display name is not stored for later usage.

But I have read that using different "From" headers in subsequent 
messages can cause problems to older UAs that use the entire From header 
for dialog matching instead of only the tag.
Isn't it?


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