[Users] problem with uac_replace_from

Federico Giannici giannici at neomedia.it
Thu Nov 3 00:35:22 CET 2005

As we are at it, it seems to me that the display info is used only in 
the initial INVITE. The subsequent messages have the uri changed but not 
the display info. Perhaps because they don't pass by uac_replace_from() 
(because are loose-routed)?


Elena Ramona Modroiu wrote:
> Hi,
> the issue with generation of a new display name is that the From uri has 
> to be changed, too. It must be enclosed in brackets "< >".
> I will have a look to see if there is a quick solution.
> Ramona
> Brandon Price wrote:
>> I am using uac_replace_from to set the Sip display info. The problem  
>> is that it only replaces the display when one exists and is passed.  
>> It doesn't create one when one doesn't exist. So for example if I  use 
>> ...
>> uac_replace_from("batman","");
>> then place a call from one of my registered user agents to another  
>> then the callerid name value is displayed properly as "batman",  
>> however if I place a call from the pstn to one of my user agents  
>> which comes in with no Sip display into set then it is not generated  
>> as batman and added. I need sip display info to be replaced if it  
>> does exist, and generated if it doesn't. Any help will be greatly  
>> appreciated.

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