[Users] RE: [Serusers] voip charging by ISP's

Vitaly Nikolaev vnikolaev at intermedia.net
Tue Nov 1 19:50:30 CET 2005

Well, I do not see a problem all depend on kind of network that you use,
for example if ISP use cisco switches they can assign one of the ports
on it as MONITOR for the port with interesting data (Vonage uplink :))

Then you connect something like call analyzer or simple unix server with
ngrep running :) and make some nice filter that will catch all
invites/byes that you need, or may be not invites but actually detect
voip rtp streams and log it

Ngrep can easily be changed to dump all SIP requests into database and
then you can do what you want with it.

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i was looking into a model where ISP may charge (SBC is already thiking 
of charging Vonage :-)), now if an ISP wanted to charge, all they would 
need is to extract the INVITE, BYE and all the stuff in the middle, to 
do some billing per VoIP provider sending traffic on there network, is 
anyone aware of any sniffers which could do this not from a proxy, but 
from the network level at a ISP end.


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