[SR-Users] Question about the Secsipid module

Володимир Іванець volodyaivanets at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 15:54:34 CEST 2022

Hello everyone!

I'm testing calls with STIR/SHAKEN with a Secsipid module on a Kamailio
version 5.6.1 and ran into a problem. Outbound calls work fine when the
function *secsipid_add_identity* with appropriate parameters is called. But
as soon as I add function *secsipid_check_identity* to my configuration,
Kamilio would not start. Here is an error message I get:

*kamailio: CRITICAL: <core> [core/cfg.y:3791]: yyerror_at(): parse error in
config file /etc/kamailio/include/registrar.cfg, line 47, column 39:
unknown command, missing loadmodule?*

*loadmodule "secsipid.so"* is present and is above the function
*secsipid_check_identity* call. Both secsipid.so and secsipid_proc.so
module files are the correct version and present on the system.

Another question is related to the rpm package build. How do you build
additional modules? I made adjustment to the pkg/kamailio/Makefile file. In
the *cfg* section changed *$(MAKE) -C ../../src cfg* with *$(MAKE)
FLAVOUR=kamailio include_modules="secsipid secsipid_proc" -C ../../src cfg*.
Required modules appeared in the modules.lst file but their rpm packages
were not built.

Thank you very much!
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