[SR-Users] Dispatcher module and xavp_dst

Pyry Aaltonen pyry.aaltonen at cuuma.com
Thu Sep 1 08:37:17 CEST 2022


I’m quite new user with kamailio (heard first time about it a year ago and joined the list yesterday) and now wondering how the xavp_dst should work.

I had read from the documentation that
”The first XAVP is the current selected destination.”

I use ds_select_dst with alg 13. And my kamailio version is kamailio 5.5.3 (x86_64/linux)

So when my dispatcher list is like (I have also tried to differ the priority value like 10 and 1, but doesn’t make difference)
10 sip:;transport=tcp 10 1 type=type1
10 sip:;transport=tcp 10 1 type=type2

If one of the destinations fails (dx/ip), and it happens to be the one with higher priority or the one that just gets higher position in the dispatcher list if the prio Is equal.
My xavp_$xavp(dsdst=>attrs) get null value. And, if I try to seek $(xavp(dsdst[0]=>attrs) or $(xavp(dsdst[1]=>attrs) I also got nothing.

If both destinations are up with equal priority, it selects them with round-robin, and the xavp_$xavp(dsdst=>attrs) has the type value of the selected destination as expected, also the $(xavp(dsdst[0]=>attrs) or $(xavp(dsdst[1]=>attrs) contains the destinations so that the selected is 0 and the other is at position 1.
The $du is updated as I expect so if one fails the other one is selected always, why the xavp_dst isn’t working same way, or am I missing something?

If needed I’ll try to provide more information,
Thanks already in advance


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