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Karsten Horsmann khorsmann at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 12:32:06 CET 2022


Fred's mid register example could be a starting point

So you forward your registrations to your pbx. If I understand you right.

Needs tls but for starting and understanding plain communication helps you
with tools like sngrep / tcpdump etc.

Then you can add tls

Hope that helps

jaflong jaflong <jaflong at yandex.com> schrieb am Fr., 25. März 2022, 18:06:

> Hi Kamailio community,
> Any advise on how to archive this
>                       sip.mydomain.com            sip.mypbx.com
> sip_phone ========sip/tls========> KAMAILIO ===========sip/udp========> PBX
> sip_phone should register to Kamilio with tls
> Kamailio should proxy register message to PBX with udp
> sip_phone invites should be proxied to PBX
> in sip_client setting he will point to sip.mydomain.com as his server
> Regards
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