[SR-Users] Roadmap to the next major release - v5.6.0

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 15:40:42 CET 2022


it is the time to plan a bit the road to the next major release, to be
versioned 5.6.0.

The 5.5.0 was release about one year ago, therefore it is time to set
the milestones for getting 5.6.0 out.

I would propose to freeze the development on Thursday, April 14, 2020,
test till mid of May or so, then release v5.6.0.

There is a lot of development to existing components and a couple of new

If anyone wants a different time line towards 5.6.0, let's discuss and
choose the one that suits most of the developers.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla -- www.asipto.com
www.twitter.com/miconda -- www.linkedin.com/in/miconda

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