[SR-Users] bug in tm module?

Daniel Paape dpaape at amtelco.com
Wed Mar 23 21:16:03 CET 2022

 I'm running K5.5.3 and have checked the 'issues' link in github and saw nothing regarding what I am seeing.  I think that there is a bug in the tm module with respect to the "tm:local-response" event route.  In the "t_reply.c" file, there is a static variable called '_tm_local_response_set_lookup'.  This variable is initialized at load time to zero.  It is checked in the '_reply_light()' routine and will initiate a local callback from the config script if "armed".  The problem as I see it is that if the callback is readied, the variable is set to one.  But it is never reset.
So the practical outworking is as follows.  A register is received and the request_route arms the callback.  The register requires an authorization (local database sqlite).  After the 401 is sent back, the callback via the module event route is called as expected.  All good except that the module event route script fragment is never executed again after the first call.
I'm no expert on the tm module but I would think that somewhere in there, the variable should be reset to zero so that subsequent transactions can initiate the event route again.

thanks for any help,

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