[SR-Users] Can Kamailio send an ACK to a final response?

Marrold kamailio at marrold.co.uk
Sat Mar 19 12:34:27 CET 2022


I'm exploring using Kamailio as a dumb edge proxy, and as such I want to
keep things as lean as possible.

In some scenarios I would like the "core" proxies to signal to the edge
that a request should be dropped without a response. This could be with a
custom header in the reply or perhaps a 444 response ( nginx uses this
internally to drop a request without responding )

I have discovered that if I drop the response in the reply_route, the edge
proxy doesn't send an ACK and keeps retransmitting the request until it
times out, at which point it sends a 408 back to the UA.

Is there any way to ACK the response from the core and destroy the

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