[SR-Users] Any clever ways to strip down a user portion of an RURI?

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Thu Mar 10 22:03:49 CET 2022

I have a similar need and have not found any shortcuts. Nevertheless, I hope the following snippet might help generalise the problem:

        $var(new_ru) = ‘';

        $var(i) = 0;
        while($var(i) < $(rU{param.count,;})) {
            $var(k) = $(rU{param.name,$var(i),;});

            switch($var(k)) {
                # Strip off 'npdi', keep all else.

                case 'npdi':

                    if($(var(new_ru){s.len}) > 0)
                        $var(new_ru) = $var(new_ru) + ';';

                    $var(new_ru) = $var(new_ru) + $(rU{param.name,$var(i),;});

                        $var(new_ru) = $var(new_ru) + '=' + $(rU{param.valueat,$var(i),;});

            $var(i) = $var(i) + 1;

        $rU = $var(new_ru);

For a test RURI value of:

   sip:14045551212;npdi;moo;rn=14045550000 at sip.evaristesys.com

This yields:

   sip:14045551212;moo;rn=14045550000 at sip.evaristesys.com

More parameters to strip out can just be added to the ’switch’ statement.

— Alex

> On Mar 10, 2022, at 3:25 PM, Brooks Bridges <bbridges at call48.com> wrote:
> Have a need to strip out various parameters from the user portion of the RURI and/or the To (npdi, etc).  Does anyone have any clever methods for doing so that don’t involve just brute forcing through the individual parameters?
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