[SR-Users] simple GUI for Kamailio as a SBC - could be paid

Krzysztof Drewicz kdrewicz at cludo.pl
Wed Mar 2 11:41:28 CET 2022


We searched for a simple GUI that could drive a kamailio - a bunch of
trunks, some custom logic, tried to use open source Sipwise C5 - a way too
big and heavy.

Any hints ? links ? Mabe a paid subscription?

Our goal is - to have a GUI that could - put a version number to
configuration, and have a simple way to audit changes - only to log - what
was done, when and from which management account.

vi + svn/git - it's working but this is no GUI, ACLs in sqlite, also work,
but - need to have a ssh console, keep files in some repository - well this
is simply inconvenient when you have more than 5 trunks with registration



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