[SR-Users] KEMI: getting ksr_request_route not found or is not callable after t_relay()

Nigel Daniels nigel.daniels at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 02:56:59 CEST 2022


def ksr_route_relay(self, msg):
    if KSR.is_method_in("IBSU"):
        if KSR.tm.t_is_set("branch_route") < 0:

    if KSR.is_method_in("ISU"):
        if KSR.tm.t_is_set("onreply_route") < 0:

    if KSR.is_INVITE():
        KSR.info("try and relay the traffic\n")
        if KSR.tm.t_is_set("ksr_failure_route") < 0:

    t_relay_result = KSR.tm.t_relay(["", "5060"])

    KSR.info(f't_relay: {t_relay_result}\n')
    KSR.info(f'MSG: {msg}')
    if KSR.tm.t_is_set("ksr_failure_route_one"):

ERROR: app_python3 [python_exec.c:91]: apy_exec(): ksr_request_route not
found or is not callable

Again this only happens after t_replay is called. Any help understanding
why this happens would be appreciated.

- Nigel
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