[SR-Users] Mid-dialog failover without virtual IP

Muhammad Danish Moosa danishmoosa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 08:27:12 CET 2022


I have a pair of kamailio stateful proxies and am trying to achieve
Active-Passive failover model with DMQ dialog replication. Primary Proxy is
working in the middle of  2 SBCs and all nodes are within the same network
so NATing is NOT involved ;secondary proxy is accessible through VPN. It's
pretty simple configuration, proxy is just adding and removing headers in
the middle.

So if I stop the kamailio service on primary IP , SBCs blacklist that and
start sending new invites to secondary IP. That's all good.

But if I reproduce this failover during a connected session , SBCs do not
send mid-dialog requests/responses to failover IP. I can see they still try
to send messages to primary SBC which obviously end up with timeout. I
understand the most natural solution is HA with Virual IP but it's not
possible because secondary IP is accessible through VPN.

I tried to use DNS SRV record with priorities but that also does not work
with mid-dialog messages, I also have tried to change record-route/via
header to fqdn through advertise_address. Its not changing record-route but
via only but I am still not getting expected results.

Any guidance of possible solution(s) here will be appreciated.

Muhammad Danish Moosa

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