[SR-Users] Reverse Kamailio Dispatcher order

Adarsh Chauhan adarshchauhan at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 12 23:56:56 CET 2022

Hi Henning,

I agree that it shouldn't be a problem to a downstream server however I was hoping to have a cleaner solution.
we are deploying Kamailio in containers and have total of 4 so far for high availability, so don't want to fire pings at the downstream and also would generate unwanted logs.

Adarsh Chauhan
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what are your concerns regarding the other set with reverse order? This would be surely the simplest solution.

The few pings every minute or so should not be an issue to any server.




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Hi All,

I was looking for a way where i could reverse the order of priority set on destinations in dispatcher file.

for eg:

if i have the following file:

1 sip:;transport=tcp 0 5 # (US)

1 sip:;transport=tcp 0 4 # (US)

1 sip:;transport=tcp 0 3 # (EU)

1 sip:;transport=tcp 0 2 # (EU)

I wanted to use top to bottom when in US region and bottom to top when in EU region.

One option is to make another set, however that will force Kamailio to send ping (OPTIONS) twice when probing.


Adarsh Chauhan
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