[SR-Users] Catching Register 200 OK, then using it to validate other packets.

Richard Edmands thesirdmz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 06:53:53 CET 2022

Hey Kamailio Users,

I've written a TLS-UDP gateway. It works well, but I want to reduce the
internet noise it pushes through.

I have an idea on what I'd like to try. Wondering if it would be possible
to catch the Register 200 OK, store it and then when receiving packets it
future to then validate them against the data?
I've managed to capture a 200 OK, but the save("location") function says it
will return it's own 200 OK which isn't the plan since we just want to
capture the location.

Anyone done something similar and got some working example code? Is this a
bad idea for some reason?
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