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Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
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this are obviously some broader questions, but generally this is doable, this one of the typical deployments with Freeswitch or Asterisk.

For 1) - have a look to the example cfg, there are some defines to activate usrloc/registrar functions.
For 2) dito, RTPENGINE, NAT defines.
For 3) for dispatching requests like this you find some example cfgs in the misc/examples/ source dir or the dispatcher readme. You'll need to define more exact, what you are up to.
For 4) This of course depends on your requirements. Keep in mind that certain PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE/PRESENCE topics are easier (or only possible) to do on a real B2BUA.



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Hello all,

I am new to the list but have been reading plenty. Loads of good tips and help.

I am playing with Freeswitch and would like to put Kamailio/RTPProxy in front for the user endpoints.
Freeswitch will talk directly with the service provider.

I am wondering *if* i can do this...
1) have the endpoints register with kamailio
2) have the media proxy via RTPProxy as it is needed for NAT
3) have the actual work (voicemail/ring groups/ivr/conference/etc...) done on Freeswitch
4) have all the SUBSCRIBE/PUBLISH/PRESENCE done on Kamailio

Is this doable?
Are there any guides to setting this sort of thing up?


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