[SR-Users] Best practice for Kamailio "cluster" front for many TLS connections

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Sat Sep 11 22:03:57 CEST 2021

Hello Angelo,

it is possible to use Kamailio with an anycast setup, there are two talks in the last years KamailioWorld conference about more details.

But if we are only talking about several thousand clients, it’s not needed for a start. Its certainly possible to operate this just with one front-end Kamailio in an activate/passive setup, many people do this.
E.g., look to this (rather old) performance tests, 1.000.000 contacts with TLS on one server http://sip-router.org/wiki/performance/v3.0-capacity

Kamailio has no cluster module, you probably want to investigate the DMQ module which offers clustering capabilities.



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Hi Fred,

Thanks for the suggestions.
I have been looking to all these presentations mostly from Rasvan but, he mostly suggesting clusterer module combined with anycast which I cannot locate on current version 5.x. Can you help me on what is the replacement for this?

Kind Regards,

Στις Σάβ, 11 Σεπ 2021 στις 6:04 μ.μ., ο/η Fred Posner <fred at palner.com<mailto:fred at palner.com>> έγραψε:
On 9/11/21 10:11 AM, Angelo Sipper wrote:
> Hello,
> We are thinking to use kamailio to fully support our current voip service.
> [snip] What would be the best kamailio
> module and topology as solution to this requirement?
When designing a Kamailio deployment for several thousand plus clients,
there are many factors to consider... including network topology, future
growth plans, high availability, redundancy, etc.

The quick answer top your question is: It depends.

There are many discussions and presentations made over the years
including some posted to the kamailioworld youtube channel
(youtube,com/c/kamailioworld) as well as slides regarding large scale
deployments (such as 1&1).

With best regards,

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