[SR-Users] Kamailio dispatcher -> FreeSWITCH transfers handling.

Тимур Ситдиков sitdikovt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 18:30:57 CEST 2021

Thanks Fred!
The dialog module is really helpful.
Got rid of that ugly "BYE" construction.
Also no need to write a special ht entry for blind transfer.

For now I'm saving to htable on event_route(dialog:start), and removing on
'end' or 'failure' event.
Much cleaner :-D Thanks a lot for the tip.

For "Htable key identify" problem:
I've managed to find corresponding keys with 'sht_iterator' in while loop.
Matches found with ($(shtitkey(i1){s.select,-1,:} == $rU || $fU). Key
values =  $shtitval(i1).
Not the most elegant solution, imo, but best I can do for now :-D

Haven't got hands on the problem with attended transfer yet. But it's
already clear that I've got a huge lack of SIP knowledge.
Can't get how custom headers with original call-id and from/to tags can
help me with this.
Would be very grateful for clarify, if it's possible :-D
For now my best idea is to catch indialog 'REFER' with 'Replaces' in
'Refer-to' and write to htable according to its contents (eg, set $fU from
RURI and $rU from 'Refer-to').

 Anyway, Thanks a lot for your help!

Regards, Tim

чт, 9 сент. 2021 г. в 20:05, Fred Posner <fred at palner.com>:

> There's a lot to go through on this example... and many ways to handle
> such scenarios.
> Personally, I very much like the HTABLE approach for "remembering"
> destinations. Instead of using a BYE to remove the entries, you might
> see if using DIALOG for this use case to be beneficial (removing the
> HTABLE entry when all calls are ended).
> Depending on how the endpoints are linking attended transfers, you may
> need to consider adding SIP headers (like X-ORIG-CI) to add a call-id,
> from tag, or other info to identify original calls.
> Again, many different ways that you could approach this, but sounds like
> you're on the right track for sure.
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