[SR-Users] Question about suspected memory leak presence module

Albert Petit albertpetit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 23:41:50 CEST 2021


I am suspecitng presence module might be having a memory leak on a
production server used by an end user (not have access to it).

The output of command kamcmd mod.stats presence shm is

Module: presence


        mem_copy_subs(148): 25720

        mem_copy_subs_noc(214): 1672201904

        mem_copy_subs_noc(251): 678406560

        add_event(181): 88

        shm_copy_event(57): 40

        shm_copy_event(50): 312

        add_event(156): 40

        add_event(149): 456

        new_shtable(66): 5767168

        new_shtable(53): 262144

        init_evlist(289): 16

        Total: -1938302848


I am not sure what mem_copy_subs_noc is meaning. And final output is
negative,  SHM is incfreasing all the time but not sure of the root cause

is this a reasonable hint that a memory leak is related to presence?
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