[SR-Users] htable shtcn expressions

Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Fri Oct 29 16:33:47 CEST 2021

On 10/29/21 2:28 AM, Brooks Bridges wrote:
> That was my understanding of how it should work as well, however in my
> testing it does not appear to be working that way.
> e.g. if there is a key of "+18884441111” in my dataset and I do
> $shtcn(htablename=>~%8884441111) I get a count of 0.
> As far as regex, I am trying to avoid that as I was told many years ago
> that regex is inherently slow when compared to other operations in
> Kamailio.  I was told this by someone I trust as an authority, and since
> this is a quite high volume system (greater than 1500 requests per
> second at peak load), every millisecond matters.

What version are you running?

My test with 5.5:

$sht(a=>+18884441111) = 1;

xlog("L_INFO","match right 111 $shtcn(a=>~%111)");
xlog("L_INFO","match left 111 $shtcn(a=>%~111)");
xlog("L_INFO","match left +1 $shtcn(a=>%~+1)");
xlog("L_INFO","match right 444111 $shtcn(a=>~%4441111)");

kamailio[12832]: INFO: match right 111 1
kamailio[12832]: INFO: match left 111 0
kamailio[12832]: INFO: match left +1 1
kamailio[12832]: INFO: match right 444111 1

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