[SR-Users] RTPENGINE [ice] Priority collision between candidate pairs

Stefan-Cristian Mititelu stefan-cristian.mititelu at 1and1.ro
Fri Oct 29 14:59:12 CEST 2021


Out of curiosity, I've been skimming the sipwise rtpengine code about this warning and found out that it happens when "__tree_coll_callback()" callback function is called.

Now, the above callback function is present in different places that all reduce to calling "g_tree_insert_coll()" function in ./include/aux.h.

Next, from what i see in "g_tree_insert_coll()" the above callback is **only** called when there is already an old value for the given (key, value) pair. In other words, there is already an "old ice pair" there.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

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It's just a warning, you can ignore it or explain what is the exact nature of problem you are facing?

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Hello @everyone

Please can you explain me how this message is errors or not ?

«  Oct 29 08:34:44 ip76 rtpengine[649]: WARNING: [YGiXZ1MmIA port 30104]: [ice] Priority collision between candidate pairs 9oZd7sWNVguf6cgl:e4b19f6635447b850 »

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