[SR-Users] Does failure_route for redirection covers all error cases ?

Henning Westerholt hw at gilawa.com
Fri Oct 29 11:17:20 CEST 2021


Not sure if I understood your question 100%. If you want to work on 480 replies in the failure_route, you should also include this in the t_check_status(..) function call.



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We are routing calls to FreeSWITCH servers.
We have a failure routing mechanism in place, which looks pretty common from my research around:
route[INVITE] {
failure_route[REROUTE] {
    if (t_is_canceled()) {
    //  also 6xx ?
    if (t_check_status("5[0-9][0-9]") or (t_branch_timeout() and !t_branch_replied())) {
        // re-route to another available FreeSWITCH server

The problem is that we don't capture all the failures we would like to, one such example being 480 sent by FreeSWITCH in various cases (even default in hangup_cause_to_sip, mod_sofia.c, https://github.com/signalwire/freeswitch/blob/master/src/mod/endpoints/mod_sofia/mod_sofia.c#L369), like a Python script crash, but also legitimate cases like "user not registered" (USER_NOT_REGISTERED).
Are there other cases? Like a timeout replied (t_branch_timeout() and t_branch_replied()) which never recovers ? Shouldn't any t_branch_timeout() re-arm the failure route ?

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