[SR-Users] xhttp_pi show dr_rules buffer 2 small Error.

Abdirahman Osman abdirahman.osm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 19:30:53 CEST 2021

Hello Everyone,

I am using the xhttp_pi modules to see the list of rules on the browser

and am I  getting Internal Server Error

I checked the logs and noticed the error "ph_build_reply_footer(): buffer 2

13(20) DEBUG: db_postgres [km_dbase.c:411]: db_postgres_free_query():
PQclear(0x55e2416ae9a0) result set
13(20) ERROR: xhttp_pi [xhttp_pi_fnc.c:2470]: ph_build_reply_footer():
buffer 2 small
13(20) DEBUG: xhttp_pi [xhttp_pi.c:159]: pi_send(): pi_fault(500,"Internal
Server Error"
13(20) DEBUG: xhttp_pi [xhttp_pi.c:169]: pi_send():
xhttp_api.reply(0x7ffc39eb1410, 500, Internal Server Error, text/html,
Internal Server Error)
13(20) DEBUG: xhttp [xhttp_mod.c:416]: xhttp_send_reply(): response with
content-type: text/html
13(20) DEBUG: xhttp [xhttp_mod.c:424]: xhttp_send_reply(): response with
body: Internal Server Error
13(20) DEBUG: xhttp [xhttp_mod.c:426]: xhttp_send_reply(): sending out
response: 500 Internal Server Error

Which buffer do I need to increase here? tried to increase sql_buffer_size
but that didn't work for me.


Abdirahman A. Osman
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